Art Rioting Terms and Conditions of Use

Art Rioting provides digital art to combat loneliness and relieves mental health battles by creating an impactful community, positive commerce experiences, and by democratizing the art world with affordable pieces of art.

You can support global artists by buying a single image for $2.99, a monthly subscription for $9.99 and an annual subscription for $99.99, and gift cards for the three options listed above on our website

*Prices of our products can change, any change will apply just to new purchases.

General Terms and Use Conditions:

  1. You will have access to a personal account on the website when purchasing a subscription.
  2. You will have access to 4 different images of a monthly featured artist. You’ll be able to download the HD from your user account every month.
  3. You can use the artwork in the following ways:
    1. Add it to your digital laptop screen.
    2. Add it to your Zoom or video background.
    3. Place it on your Facebook page.
    4. Stash it away for a rainy day on your computer.
  4. This image is for your personal use only and is not allowed for commercial use or sharing.
  5. Your monthly or annual subscription will renew automatically.
  6. You can turn off this automatic renewal at any time by sending a mail to with a minimum of 5 days before the renewal date.

For any support needed or questions you can contact us,