Our featured rioting artists

Jen Sterling, Featured Rioting Artist #4


Color has always had a profound influence on Jen Sterling’s mood. While traveling in the American southwest in 1990 she was so moved by the colors that she promptly bought paint and canvas, hoping to convey how those colors made her feel: vivid, alive, powerful. Her goal is not to capture an image, but to capture the emotion that image conjures.

Friends describe her as vibrant, passionate, and creative; those words apply to her art as well. Creating work that is fluid, that inspires energy and excitement, vitality and confidence: this gives her the greatest artistic satisfaction.

She works primarily with acrylic paint along with mixed media such as paper, fabric, wood, and plastic. She uses brushes, palette knives, her fingers…whatever is at hand. Some pieces flow forth in a matter of hours. Others are built over several weeks, evolving from fragments of imagination to energetic expressions of my experiences, dreams, or aspirations.

There is nothing bland about her work. She doesn’t play it safe. Her art should ignite the same excitement she felt when painting it. If her work helps someone start the day with a zing, stirs a fond memory, or refreshes the senses, then she’s succeeded.

When not painting, she is the Chief Red Head and a partner at Red Thinking. She is passionate about community service and has served on numerous boards. She is also an active mentor for emerging businesses. A graduate of George Washington University, she holds a BA in Visual Communications with a minor in Psychology. She live with her husband and daughter in Annapolis, Maryland.

kEith, Featured Rioting Artist #3


Born in Miami Beach, FL, Keith Kimmel (known as the art of kEith’s) artistic path relied much upon discovery. His talent of word, his poetic spirit, his yearn for narrative led him to his current body of work. Gifted with a natural awareness, he considers his education a sort of autodidactic smorgasbord that allowed him to channel his astute, sensitive perspective into an altogether unique technique and style. Inspired (among other influences) by the Beatnik, free-form abstract expressionist aesthetic of the mid-20th century, Kimmel uses his art as a declaration of freedom and the ideal. His technique follows a so-called intuitive intuition in an effort to reveal beauty essence without limitation of conscious thought, yet at the same time trusting and following rational intellect, and art feeling. It is art feeling that yields the free notion of art. He remains open to the guidance of shape, color, texture and form — these basic concepts of perception. There is no sense in following fashion as he works with the true source of what art is. Kimmel currently lives and works in Manhattan.


Aida Murad, Featured Rioting Artist #2


Raised in Jordan and residing in New York City, I am an Arab-American who leads with my heart in my personal and professional life. My purpose is to unlock human potential. I do that through my work as an:

+ start-up advisor
+ entrepreneur coach
+ artist
+ motivational speaker
+ community builder.

My long-term vision is to create a venture studio that will provide an opportunity for entrepreneurs to build their businesses holistically doing both the internal and external work of being human. Today other than coaching entrepreneurs, creating art and community building I advise numerous start-ups and foundations, write for Thrive Global and serve as Co-Director for NEXUS MENA & Arab Diasporas and Mental Health bringing impact investors, philanthropists and social entrepreneurs together.

I have worked for over a decade building social enterprises in the education, fashion, food, health and technology industries as well as managed $300 million in governmental and development funds for the public and private sectors. I am the recipient of the 2017 FHI 360 Impact Award for Woman Leadership, 2017 Most Voted RAW Artist, 2017 Inaugural artist for GoARTful and 2016 FHI Emerging Leaders.


Jean-luc Mège, Featured Rioting Artist #1


With over twenty years in the field, Jean-luc Mège is an international photojournalist, reporter and studio photographer. Classically trained at Figaro Magazine (called the Time Magazine of France) where he eventually became lead photographer, Jean-luc has traveled the world and taken world-class photos in all imaginable and unimaginable situations.

Jean-luc’s work spans from the stars of the Cannes Film Festival, Clint Eastwood and Hermes to the Dying House of Mother Teresa in Calcutta, India, the landfill living areas of Phnom Penh, Cambodia, and the tsunami ruins of Sri Lanka His portraits, whether of the greatest stars or the least fortunate, always bring out the true human story and have graced hundreds of magazine covers. These international works have repeatedly been selected as examples in press articles and exhibitions.

Jean-luc is described by his clients and partners for his talent, work ethic, optimism, courage, risk taking, curiousity, and human approach. The strength of Jean-Luc Mege is his multidisciplinary nature and ability to cover any kind of assignment … always with the intrinsic desire to make the very best images for his clients.

Jean luc currently has an Art Exhibit at the New York Design Center on Lexington Avenue in Manhattan to showcase his latest New York City artistic acrylic prints.

Born in Lyon, France, Jean-luc is fluent in French, English, and Spanish. His current endeavor is to become one of the best photographers in New York, a city he loves.