Jean-Luc Mège, A french photojournalist in New York City

Jean-Luc Mège, A french photojournalist in New York City

With over twenty years in the field, Jean-luc Mège is an international photojournalist, reporter and studio photographer. Classically trained at Figaro Magazine (called the Time Magazine of France) where he eventually became lead photographer, Jean-luc has traveled the world and taken world-class photos in all imaginable and unimaginable situations.

Jean-luc’s work spans from the stars of the Cannes Film Festival, Clint Eastwood and Hermes to the Dying House of Mother Teresa in Calcutta, India, the landfill living areas of Phnom Penh, Cambodia, and the tsunami ruins of Sri Lanka His portraits, whether of the greatest stars or the least fortunate, always bring out the true human story and have graced hundreds of magazine covers. These international works have repeatedly been selected as examples in press articles and exhibitions.

Jean-luc is described by his clients and partners for his talent, work ethic, optimism, courage, risk taking, curiousity, and human approach. The strength of Jean-Luc Mege is his multidisciplinary nature and ability to cover any kind of assignment … always with the intrinsic desire to make the very best images for his clients.

Jean luc currently has an Art Exhibit at the New York Design Center on Lexington Avenue in Manhattan to showcase his latest New York City artistic acrylic prints.

Born in Lyon, France, Jean-luc is fluent in French, English, and Spanish. His current endeavor is to become one of the best photographers in New York, a city he loves.

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