Very Important Rioters (VIRs)

Sarah is super GRATEFUL for all of the advisors and mentors who have helped her on ARTRIOTING and on her social entrepreneurship! They are from around the world and care about doing good!
A special thank you to so many beautiful people and mentors in meaningful communities as well who have been there for her!  The Entrepreneurs Organization (EO), AIESEC, Springboard, DWEN, NEXUS, Social Venture Circle, HBS, and of course all of her family and friends!

Camilo Saenz, Bogota, Colombia

Marissa Levy Lerer, Brooklyn, NYC

Maria Kingery, Raleigh Durham, North Carolina

Barbara Walkowski, San Francisco & Detroit

Dan Hoffman, Brooklyn, NYC

Karen Moon, Soho, NYC

Nancy Sheldon, Santa Barbara

Tatiana Glad, Amsterdam

Andrea Herrera, Chicago

Tess Mateo, New Jersey

Cindy Boyd, Houston

Shelby Scarborough, Napa

Verne Harnish, Colorado

Steve Mariotti, Princeton

Lynda Applegate, Boston

Carolyn Bechtel, San Francisco

Kate Greer, Sonoma

Diane Endline King, Winter Haven, FL

Mary Endline, Winter Haven, FL

Nickey Endline, Madrid

Antonio Ruano Cuesta, Madrid

Mark Worster, Boston

Ann Dolin, Washington DC

Carrie Silver Stock, St Louis

Dolores Hirschmann, New Bedford, MA

Jennifer Grace, Ft Lauderdale, FL

Marsha Ralls, Del Ray, FL

Kerry Duggan, Detroit, MI

Dave Naczycz, San Francisco

Joaquin Roiz, Madrid

Carlos Ruiz, Zurich

Jiyoon Han, NYC

Cris Calvo, Costa Rica

Nicole Casanova, Boulder

Chris Denham, NYC

Carol Galle, Detroit