Art Rioting provides digital art to combat loneliness and relieve mental health battles by creating an impactful community, positive commerce experiences, and by democratizing the art world with affordable pieces of art.


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WHY art rioting? why now?

Many of us have been home since early this year. As for us, we’ve been home since March 12 but it certainly feels like we were grounded by the universe to make a difference in this moment. We have taken the time to figure out how to build a new sweet movement to FIX THE WORLD!

Why can’t we help artists who are disrupted at this time?

Why can’t we make our digital backgrounds meaningful?

Why can’t we help causes who are helping so much during COVID?

Why can’t we do all of the above?

We support emerging artists impacted by COVID-19 to create a more just and celebrated multicultural world!

Need to talk to us directly? Feel free to send a email to sneider@rioting.co

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